5 Essential Tips for Mastering Aeon Swift Gauntlets in Destiny 2

Understanding the Aeon Swift Gauntlets

The Aeon Swift gauntlets stand among the most sought-after exotics by Hunters in Destiny 2, offering versatile enhancements and opening dynamic strategies in combat. These gauntlets symbolize dedication and provide a pathway to powerful synergies within fireteams.

The Role of Aeon Swift in Team Play

Equipping the Aeon Swift gauntlets turns Hunters into pivotal support players. This armor’s unique “Aeon Energy” facilitates an energy network that strengthens allies, demanding mastery from those who wish to amplify their fireteam’s capabilities.

Aeon Swift Gauntlets Guide

Capitalizing on Aeon Energy

Hunters generate Aeon Energy through rapid precision hits or melee strikes, feeding their team with crucial benefits such as increased grenade, melee, or class ability energy. This mechanic is central to maximizing the Aeon Swift’s potential.

Multiclass Synergy

When Aeon exotics are worn by different classes, the Aeon Swift unlocks its full potential, creating a reservoir of shared ability energy that leads to seamless teamwork and heightened resilience.

Combat Prowess with Aeon Swift

The strategic application of Aeon Swift’s features can decisively influence both PvE and PvP battles. Hunters must balance offense with strategic plays to continuously supply Aeon Energy.

Maximizing PvE Teamwork

In PvE, the gauntlets excel for managing mobs and facilitating rapid add clearance, leading to a sustained flow of power for team abilities against formidable foes.

PvP Strategy

Within top features destiny game design, the Aeon Swift also assumes a vital role in PvP by disrupting enemy lines and creating openings for allies to exploit.

Enhancing Aeon Swift with Exotic Catalysts

Exotic catalysts push the boundaries of the Aeon Swift, requiring Guardians to complete challenges to unlock even greater combat benefits.

Customizing the Aeon Swift

Modifications to the gauntlets allow for personalized enhancements that align with a Hunter’s desired combat style, further solidifying the Aeon Swift’s place in their arsenal.

Visual Customization with Ornaments

The Aeon Swift gauntlets can also be aesthetically tailored using ornaments, offering a perfect blend of style and function.

Adaptability Across Game Modes

Whether in cooperative raids, intense Crucible matches, or other gameplay facets, the Aeon Swift gauntlets demonstrate versatile applications for every Guardian.

Seeking the Aeon Swift

Acquiring these coveted gauntlets requires engagement in quests and activities, such as high-level Nightfalls or exotic engrams, to secure this essential gear.

Building Around Aeon Swift

Crafting a build with the Aeon Swift at its core involves combining the right gear and subclasses to harness rapid ability generation.

The Evolving Role of Aeon Swift

As Destiny 2 expands, the Aeon Swift is poised to adapt to new expansions, maintaining its significance within the Guardian arsenal.


The Aeon Swift gauntlets encapsulate the Hunter class’s resilience and ingenuity, rewarding those who delve into their intricacies with the power to navigate upcoming challenges.

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